Latest Work

Not the most exciting one, but all cards and main title design for William Friedkin’s The Devil and Father Amorth.

Hey, how cool, they used my main title for “the book thief” and designed cards around it.

I got the chance to help creating this exciting piece for the Grammy’s, work included creating the 3D background scene and metal Skrillex for the end shot. Created using After Effects, and Cinema 4D. Work produced for Pixomondo – Santa Monica CA.

While at The Ant Farm I had the opportunity to work on this wonderful spot for Disney and Kinect. Animating several of the flying tickets and rotoing characters and scenery, as well as creating the Disney end tag.  Enjoy!

Also while at The Ant Farm I was the lead and got to work with a very talented team to create this piece for Youtube for the launch of their Creator Institute. Creating a visual language and color pallet to brand this new endeavor.

This piece is one of several “mnemonic devices” created as a tag at the end of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare spots. Created using Cinema 4D, and After Effects. Work produced by The Ant Farm – Hollywood CA.


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